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Organizational Appraisal pertains to the diagnosis of an organization’s financial performance, human resource management, information systems, financial performance, products and services, governance structure, marketing, and general operations. The end goal of the organizational appraisal is to determine capability-building intervention needs as identified by the organization and experts’ recommendations on relevant interventions. This is also a tool for SEDPI to determine whether the MFIs are worthy of investments. More


SEDPI offers public, customized, and online training services for microfinance and social enterprise stakeholders. The courses provide practical and immediately applicable tools that help improve the institutional policies and operations management of MFIs. They aim to equip the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to
enhance the quality of products and services delivered.

The training courses are affordable and of international quality. SEDPI has trained nearly 2,500 development organizations in 15 countries. The course content is based extensively on SEDPI’s actual research to make the programs fit the real situation of MFIs. Course attendance may lead to a Diploma in Microfinance conferred by ADMU. More


Technical and Mentoring Assistance is delivered on a mentor-learner approach as SEDPI social entrepreneurs closely supervise and monitor an institution’s progress towards sustainability. TAMA, which is also a Filipino word for correct aptly means setting things right. More


Strategic Planning leads MFIs through the process of analyzing both internal and external factors that affect their strategies. Through external and internal analysis, a medium-term plan is developed that specifies the institutional values, vision, mission, objectives, key result areas, performance indicators, strategies, programs, activities, tasks, and resource requirements. More


Research projects are conducted towards the sharing of good practices and overcoming challenges in the field of microfinance.SEDPI employs scientific methods to identify trends in microfinance. Market research is used to determine whether financial products and services suit the needs of the clients and are within the institutional capacity of MFIs. Impact assessments are also employed to assess whether microfinance programs have been able to improve the quality of life of their clients. More