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SEDPI is composed of young and dynamic social entrepreneurs determined to advance the company’s vision of empowering the poor. Central Bank of Nigeria director Joseph Alegiuno noted, “What sets SEDPI apart from other capacity building institutions is its ability to attract topnotch management staff with a strong passion for development.”

The Management Staff SEDPI’s management staff graduated from prestigious universities in the Philippines, most with honors. Their backgrounds in economics, sociology, management, and development studies make SEDPI an unparalleled capacity building institution in the microfinance industry. The staff share insights from different perspectives and come up with innovative solutions to the clientele.

Fueled by passion for development, these social entrepreneurs are able to adapt to the demands of the job while maintaining service quality. SEDPI management staff are multidisciplinary: everyone is equipped to carry out research and trainings, write articles, and compute and analyze data. Working in teams gives opportunities for fun yet productive interactions. An output-based approach motivates the management staff and shows them the bigger picture. A result of the flexible working environment is the consistent excellent evaluation ratings the management staff receive on trainings. More


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