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Sustainable social enterprise for the economic empowerment of the poor

SEDPI Mission
To be the leading capacity-building institution in providing innovative and excellence-driven services for microfinance and microenterprise stakeholders

SEDPI Capital Mission
To be a significant player in facilitating social investments for microfinance and microenterprise stakeholders

Institutional Values
    - Social Entrepreneurship 
    - Shared Leadership and Teamwork 
    - Commitment to Innovation and Excellence 
    - Honesty and Transparency

By 2012, the company aims to
    (1) reach out to 500 organizations; 
    (2) mobilize PhP182 million social investments; 
    (3) maintain financial sustainability and market-based approaches; 
    (4) delight customers with quality products and services; and
    (5) make SEDPI a rewarding place to work in.