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Microfinance Opportunities is a women-owned microenterprise resource center that promotes client-led microfinance. Established in 2002 as a non-profit organization, it seek to facilitate an improvement in poor people’s lives by increasing their access to well-designed and well-delivered financial services. It occupies a specialized market niche within the microfinance industry, providing action-oriented research, training, and technical assistance in three client-focused areas: financial education, microinsurance and client assessment.

From July to November 2007, SEDPI implemented the module pilot test on the financial education for remittance receivers module of Microfinance Opportunities. The module pilot test was conducted in partnership with the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Market research through focus group discussions and individual interviews were conducted and at the same time a pilot test training was conducted to BPI remittance receivers for this project. The training module was warmly received by participants. Recognizing the importance of financial education, SEDPI will be implementing training of trainers to microfinance institutions and at the same time assist them in the development of financial products that integrate remittances. This training completes the financial education that SEDPI has conducted to remittance senders abroad.