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The Private Enterprise Accelerated Resource Linkages Project Phase 2 (Pearl2) is a Private Sector Development project of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). The Project’s goal is to contribute to reduction of poverty in the Philippines through equitable and sustainable development. PEARL2 works directly with Business Support Organizations (BSOs) and Investment Promotion Centers (IPCs) to support the development of Small and Medium Enterprises that create meaningful jobs for both men and women. 

SEDPI was tasked to evaluate the performance of the project in delivering capacity building services to BSOs. The evaluation showed that in PEARL2’s provision of capacity-building interventions, PEARL2 has achieved considerable level of success in strengthening the financial performance and management capacity of BSOs. Majority of the SMEs assessed reported improvements in their business operations and most of them attributed such progress to the assistance, services, or programs of their respective BSOs. On the side of SME employees, majority of those interviewed revealed a sustained or improved income level and also citing improved living conditions in terms of nutrition, water, sanitation, lighting, and housing.