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Technical and Mentoring Assistance (TAMA) employ different modes of learning and skills assimilation to specific target groups within an organization. TAMA is a Filipino word which means 'right'. Thus, TAMA interventions are appropriately designed to achieve development objectives and organizational sustainability the right way.

TAMA is delivered on a mentor-learner approach as SEDPI social entrepreneurs closely supervise and monitor an institution's progress towards sustainability. MFIs that undergo TAMA show marked improvement in their financial performance and organizational development. The Muntinlupa Development Foundation, for example, had a portfolio at risk of approximately 80% on February 2006. By year-end, the organization has improved this to 2%, better than international standards, while maintaining the value/volume of their portfolio. The same story is true with the Anak Dagat Multipurpose Cooperative. For the Agriculture and Rural Development for Catanduanes, it took a year to improve its portfolio at risk to 5%.

Interventions are planned for an organization and performance indicators are closely monitored through TAMA. Information system is also installed to enable management to come up with better decisions. Advice is given to management that are based on SEDPI's research and practice of microfinance.