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Community Rural Bank of Catmon, Inc. (CRBC), with the assistance of Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc. (SEDPI) recently established its own Delinquency Management (DQ) task force as a way to strengthen its crusade to manage its delinquent accounts.

During the Cebu leg of SEDPI’s Technical and Mentoring Assistance (TAMA) tour in Visayas and Mindanao last November 14, CRBC and SEDPI jointly conducted a technical mentoring and process mapping workshop to identify and establish operational standards and strengthen the bank as a microfinance institution. It was also in this workshop that CRBC introduced its own DQ task force team.

Delinquency Management is a microfinance institution’s comprehensive plan to manage and lessen its delinquent loan borrowers. It is important to manage the delinquent accounts to protect the bank’s portfolio and also ensure institutional growth.The DQ Task Force is a team established to monitor and manage delinquency among its loan borrowers.

CRBC is SEDPI’s newest MFI TAMA partner. It is a rural bank established in 1973, headquartered in Catmon town and has 4 branches in different towns in Cebu. To date, SEDPI and CRBC partnership continuously grow as more joint programs will be established, which includes establishing a training hub in Cebu.
To know more about SEDPI’s technical and mentoring assistance partnership, you may visit www.sedpi.com or email info@sedpi.com