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  • JULY 30 - SEDPI is established as a private organization providing capacity building services and social investments to microfinance and microenterprise stakeholders.
  • JULY - SEDPI develops social investments for MFIs.


  • MARCH - SEDPI Management team begins directing the Ateneo Microfinance Capacity Building Program.
  • DECEMBER - International participants start joining SEDPI’s public training courses.


  • SEDPI becomes a member of the International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions.
  • AUGUST - SEDPI facilitates the Ateneo-BPI partnership for Microfinance Capacity Building all over the Philippines.
  • NOVEMBER - SEDPI delivers its first international training course in the Netherlands through Oxfam Novib.
  • DECEMBER - SEDPI inks a partnership with the WWF to introduce microfinance operations in environmental hotspots and to mobilize social investments.


  • MARCH - The Diploma Course in Microfinance is first offered for the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • JUNE - The Financial Literacy Courses for Remittance Senders and Receivers start with the support of Cordaid, Microfinance Opportunities, and BPI, marking the start of SEDPI’s advocacy in leveraging remittances for development.
  • JULY - SEDPI begins giving capacity building services to MFI partners of the People’s Credit and Finance Corporation, the largest wholesaler of microfinance funds in the Philippines.
  • JULY - SEDPI heads are invited as resource persons or facilitators on microfinance and remittances at international conferences held in Benin, Burkina Faso, Luxembourg, and the U.S.A.
  • NOVEMBER - SEDPI becomes a member of the European Microfinance Platform.
  • NOVEMBER - SEDPI heads present at the European Microfinance Week in Luxembourg. The event was sponsored by the European Microfinance Platform.
  • DECEMBER - Agricultural and Rural Development for Catanduanes, Inc. is successfully rehabilitated, leading to the microfinance industry’s recognition of the effectiveness of SEDPI’s services.


  • JANUARY - SEDPI presents at the International Microfinance Conference organized by the Central Bank of Nigeria. The conference was held in Abuja, Nigeria.
  • MARCH - SEDPI Capital Credit, Inc. is created to provide wholesale funds to small and emerging MFIs, and to mobilize socially responsible investments.
  • APRIL - SEDPI delivers trainingat the Academy for Microfinance Development in Asia in Bali, Indonesia.
  • MAY - SEDPI gives a presentation on The Potential Role of Remittances in Achieving the MDGs in Utrecht, Netherlands for COS Utrecht.
  • JUNE - SEDPI is accredited as a service provider of the National Anti-Poverty Commission’s People’s Development Trust Fund.
  • JULY - A financial education module on microinsurance is pilot-tested in cooperation with Microfinance Opportunities.
  • OCTOBER - A partnership with Cordaid is established to extend capacity building services and wholesale financial services to MFIs, to train remittance senders and receivers on financial literacy, and to set up a guarantee mechanism for Filipino migrant investments. Cordaid is one of the world’s biggest international development organizations with a network of almost 1,000 partner organizations in 36 countries.


  • JANUARY - SEDPI increases its capacity by providing TAMA to 10 MFIs all over the Philippines simultaneously.
  • MARCH - In cooperation with Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, SEDPI opens its first training hub in the Philippines.
  • AUGUST - SEDPI does research on housing finance for PBSP.
  • SEPTEMBER - SEDPI co-sponsors and presents at the Social Entrepreneurship Conference held at the Ateneo de Manila Univeresity.
  • OCTOBER - Organizational appraisal is carried out on ASA Philippines Foundation, the fastest-growing MFI in the Philippines.


  • FEBRUARY - SEDPI launches microfinance courses online.
  • MAY - SEDPI top management participates in the development of a social entrepreneurship curriculum with the National University of Singapore and ADMU.
  • JUNE - The Financial Literacy for Remittance Receivers course is given nationwide in partnership with Western Union.
  • JULY - The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through Bankable Frontiers Associates, commissions SEDPI to manage a study on payment methods. SEDPI establishes partnership with the British Council on social entrepreneurship.
  • SEPTEMBER - Upon the invitation of the University of Greenwich in London, SEDPI’s chairperson presents his research paper on guarantee mechanisms for MFIs at the Global Partnerships in Microfinance Conference.


  • MAY - SEDPI shares its strategies and achievements on leveraging remittances for development through microfinance in Hyderabad, India.
  • JUNE - SEDPI heads present at the Alternative Summit for Microfinance in Hyderabad, India. The event was organized by the International Network of Alternative Financial Institutions.
  • JULY - SEDPI participates in the League of Corporate Foundations’ Corporate Social Responsibility Expo, advocating social entrepreneurship in the corporate jungle.
  • NOVEMBER - SEDPI’s CEO is invited as a panellist in the most prestigious international conference for microfinance, the Global Microcredit Summit in Spain.
  • DECEMBER - SCCI portfolio reaches PhP100 million.